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Vargas firewood is natural biomass and is always obtained through the yearly pruning activities, never through indiscriminate tree-felling. It is stored outside on pallets and covered with a mesh to aid the natural drying process; once dry, it is then ready for distribution. The pallets are prepared so that each one holds around one cubic metre of firewood, and is ready to be transported to the client.

Types of firewood

  • Holm oak: With a density of 0.95 – 1.20 kg/dm3, holm oak is considered by many to be the king of firewood. Without a doubt, it boasts the highest calorific power.
  • French oak: Density of 0.71 – 1.07 kg/dm3. Has high calorific power and is a wood that is traditionally used in the local area.
  • Beech: With a density of 0.60 – 0.90 kg/dm3, beech is a wood that is easy to light, although it burns up relatively quickly.

Firewood, natural biomass