Vargas Certifications

Finely crafted wooden cases
box markings and decorations

Serigraphy in wooden boxes


The design is transferred from a silkscreen onto the wood by applying ink as a flat colour.

Embossing in wooden boxes


An inked die is applied to the surface of the wood to make a recession in the desired shape, with a colour similar to that achieved via pyrography. Embossing is the oldest form of industrial marking.

Stamping in wooden boxes

Pyrography in wooden boxes


The desired image is transferred by applying a heated die to the wood. The image is burnt into the wood, creating a genuine, traditional handcrafted effect.


The chosen design is transferred onto the case by using pressure and heat to apply a coloured sheet. This technique provides superb finishes and can be used to apply brand logos in colour, even including metallic tones such as gold, silver, bronze, etc. Holographic effects are also possible.

Digital printing in wooden boxes


Any image can be printed onto the lids or faces of the wooden cases, with stunning sharpness and quality.