Vargas Certifications

Finely crafted wooden cases
wood finishes

The best way to give a wooden case its own unique style is to choose one of the many different finishes available. Be daring with colour, or go for a more natural touch: the choice is yours.

Customised finishes



Perfect for applying any colour to the wood, while respecting the grain.


Protects the wood, highlights its natural colour and grain and adds shine. If varnish is applied after staining, it allows for tones and colours to be combined with a smooth, careful finish.


Enables the case to be decorated with any colour, adding a perfect, silky finish.

Wood finishes

Estuches de madera con acabados artesanales

* Since 2003 Vargas has only used water-based stains, varnishes and lacquers: as no toxic compounds are used to produce them, and as they do not emit any noxious fumes or pollutants, they have a minimal impact on the environment.



Glaze is applied to the wood, softening and lightening the surface with a grained effect that adds elegance and distinction. Each piece is unique, as they are made separately by hand, while the graining process is also carried out entirely by hand.