Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases. For this reason, we bet in favour of the use of sustainable wood, hence collaborating with the brands in order to offer their products in an ecological, attractive, natural and environmentally respectful packaging.

We are the first producers of ecological wooden packaging in Spain. Since 2008 we have worked with PEFC-certified wood, a seal which ensures its origin from sustainably managed woods. Those are woods and forest territories which maintain their biodiversity, productivity, regenerative capacity and potential to fulfil, both today and in the future, important ecological, economic and social functions. Nowadays there exist in Spain over 2,3 million hectares certified by PEFC.

PEFC: Environmental management

Less CO2

Our ecological packaging collaborates in the reduction of the carbon footprint, since wood is the most ecological raw material in the world. During its growth, wood stores carbon dioxide in order to conform its structure. Scientific studies have shown that thanks to this, every cubic metre of wood fixes one ton of CO2 in the atmosphere, and thanks to the scarce energetic cost its transformation requires, it also avoids the emission of about 0,8 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Enviromental efficiency

We have been awarded the ISO 14000 certification of environmental management, which ensures a minimum impact of our activity in the environment and highlights our commitment to continuously improve and to prevent environmental pollution.

We also have a certificate which proves our commitment with the implementation of good practices in terms of ecoinnovation, within the Ecoinnovation project in the Wood.

Sector carried out in 2012 by Confemadera, in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation of Wood. Additionally, we are part of the entities with RER Certificate, of the Network of Responsible Entities with Forest Sustainability.