In 1923, pioneer Ricardo Vargas Alonso moves the headquarters of the family sawmill to the workshops located on La Ventilla street in the Riojan town of Haro.
At the beginning of this decade, Antonio Vargas Rioja, only 14 years old, joins the family business.
In this decade we became the pioneer company in the production of pallets.
Antonio Vargas directs the business of casing towards the specialisation in personalized and exclusive wood packaging.
Esteban, Ricardo and Antonio Vargas, the fourth generation of our family, join the company. In 1996 we open the workshops of the casing business in Gimileo, equipped with the latest technology, which guarantees the quality of Vargas wood cases, which are then polished by hand.
We become the first Spanish casing business in being awarded the quality certificate ISO 9001, and the leader casing business in the fabrication of wood packaging.
Displaying our love for wood and our environmental commitment with our planet, we develop a policy focused on the improvement and conservation of the environment. In order to carry out this project, we obtain in 2006 the Environmental Management ISO 14001 certificate, and a year later we start the production of cases made of ecological wood with the PEFC seal.
We create an emission reduction policy, we use 90% of PEFC certified wood, we consolidate the use of water-based varnishes in order to avoid dissolvents and bad smells, and we launch the Vargas Premiere project. We develop and grow in the international market with the opening of business delegation.
Following our innovative family philosophy and our bet in favour of the environment, we develop in collaboration with German engineering, a new control line, selection, and use of wood in order to achieve a more sustainable world.
We continue the history of the Vargas family, on our way to our centenary...