We are the national leader producer of cases made with PEFC certified wood from sustainably managed forests

From our workshops founded in 1923 and following a tradition dating back to the 19th century, come our unique wooden cases, personalised to the finest detail, with handcrafted finishes developed over four generations. This is how in Vargas we keep the singularity of each of our wooden boxes.

Even today, in our modern workshops, many of the box fabrication processes are still handcrafted, just like one hundred years ago.

Opting for the authenticity that coexists in perfect harmony with a genuine interest in incorporating innovation to our wooden cases, adapting them to the latest trends and using the most modern machinery


Even though wood is a traditional material, we transform it in order to adapt it to the latest trends. Additionally, thanks to philosophy of experience and handcrafted work, it is possible to personalise each one of our wooden cases.

That is how we achieve unique cases, which convey traditional values at times, and in other cases, values of innovation, design, vanguard, and contemporary style, among others.

Our wooden cases will surprise you with combinations of original materials, textures, colours, accessories, different ways of opening and closing the cases, their interiors, their details… A varied catalogue of proposals tailored to the customer’s needs and tastes


Vargas wooden cases look after our clients’ image. From the beginning we have pursued quality in all environments.

We were the first casing business in being awarded the ISO 9001 certificate of quality management. As a self-control measure, we supervise and analyse our wooden cases in order to avoid treatments involving chlorinated products.

Our main identity traits are the selection of the best original wood and its appropriate classification for each project, the quality of the machinery and the fabrication processes, the precise finishes, the customisation of each case, and an excellent customer service.


The best way to endow wooden cases with a personal style is through the multiple possibilities in the finishes, colours, tagging, formats, designs…

Personalised finishes

Since 2003 we only use water-based dyes, lacquers and varnishes. These products minimise their environmental impact, since their fabrication does not require the use of toxic compounds and they do not emit harmful or polluting fumes.

Ideal when it comes to applying any colour to the wood, at all times respecting the trunk grains.

They protect the wood highlighting its colour and its natural trunk grains and providing extra brightness. If applied after the wood dye, it allows the conjugation of tones and colours with a smooth and neat finish.

They allow the decoration of cases using any colour, providing a perfect and silky finish.

Handmade finishes à la carte

The glaze on the wood softens and enlightens the surface with a veined effect, which confers it elegance and distinction. Each piece is unique, since these finishes are applied handmade one by one to the boxes


Our way of assembling the different pieces of wood is decisive, since in it hinges, aside its firmness, resistance, and good conservation of the contained products, the aesthetics of the wood cases.

The nailed cases and the ribboned wooden cases are the best presentation option, since they add prestige to the brands, revaluing their products and turning them into coveted objects.

Well-worked wood packaging conveys quality and handcrafted work, and acts as a differentiating factor against competitors.

Punta sin cabeza




Unión de caja con lazada

Precision and elegance


Marking endows wooden cases with personality and is fundamental when it comes to capturing the image of a brand or of a product. We offer solutions for any aesthetic need.

Transference of a design made in a silk screen into the wood through the application of ink as a flat colour.

They are made by applying a tainted matrix on top of the surface of the wood. The result is a hollow relief with the chosen shape and a colour that imitates pyrography. It is the most ancient industrial marking system.

The chosen image is engraved into the wood by applying a red-hot matrix on top of the cases. This way, the shape burns the wood and achieves a genuine, traditional, handcrafted effect.

The selected design is engraved by transferring a plate of natural or metallic colour by means of pressure and heat. This technique provides excellent finishes and is used to apply the image of the brand in various colours, even in metallic tones, such as gold, silver or bronze. It can also be used to achieve holographic effects.

Any image can be printed on the covers or sides of the wooden cases with fascinating definition and quality.