Wood and biomass

In addition to our work with wooden cases, we manufacture products derived from biomass: pellets, firewood, splinters and wood shavings. This way, we contribute to making the most of waste generated by woodwork, betting for renewable energies.


Sawdust and splinters

The come exclusively from pine wood with which we work at the workshop, so they do not contain any bark, remains of leaves or boards, glue, or varnish, and have a humidity rate of 10 to 12%. The splinters, of a size between 2 and 3 cm, can be used for the production of heat in biomass boilers. Sawdust can be used for animal beds and as absorbent material thanks to its high drying capacity.


Our firewood, natural biomass, comes from the yearly pruning and never from an indiscriminate chopping of trees. Firewood is stored outdoors, palletised and wrapped in a net which facilitates natural drying. Once the wood is dry it is ready to be distributed. Firewood pallets are prepared so that each of them contains one cubic metre of wood and can be transported to the location chosen by the customer.

With a density of 0.95 – 1.20 Kg/dm3, it is considered by many as the authentic queen of firewood. It is, without the shadow of a doubt, the type of wood which has the greatest calorific power

Its density is 0.71 – 1.07 Kg/dm3. It has a very high calorific power and is traditionally used in the area

With a density of 0.60 – 0.90 Kg/dm3 is a type of wood that provides an easy flame, although its combustion is rather quick.

Wood shavings

Subjected to the same quality controls as the rest of our products, it comes from dry pinewood, free of chlorinated treatments, so it achieves a very good absorption of liquids. With the aim of avoiding its mixture with sawdust, we have separated it from the rest of production lines. This way, we obtain extremely pure white shavings and an optimal performance in animal installations. We present it in bags of 15Kg in order to isolate the shavings from external factors.